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Our Story : The Rebuild


St Thomas Church was closed over 20 years ago and had been vacant ever since. It had fallen into complete disrepair and substantial structural work was needed to save it and bring it back into use. Despite this, we accepted this challenge and Windmill Community Church members willingly

pro­vided the means to acquire the build­ing and thanks to very generous supporters we were able to raise enough funds to rebuild and restore St.Thomas Church which after construction and purchase has become Windmill Community Church              

We are extremely grateful for the valuable support we have received from local residents, Finch­field 

 and Castlecroft Community Association, The Parish of Tettenhall Wood PCC, Local Councillors, Local 

Authority ,Lidl UK, Church Growth Trust and the Church Planting Initiative in helping us to bring our vision so far into being. We are aware that over the years many local supporters have volun­teered to help with the restoration.

Before & After Gallery

St. Thomas Church before construction

Windmill Community Church after Construction

We are very involved in the community of Finchfield and have added an extension to the St. Thomas Building to accommodate our growing church, groups, and activities.


We have extended the church building to allow several meetings to take place at the same time and to further our youth outreach. We are grateful to the various grant funders who have supported us over recent years and especially to our main funder "Enovert Community Trust." 


Progress of extension June 2020


The building extension is now complete and we are very grateful for the gifts we have received from individuals and grant providers. This will enable us to increase our community activities and hold several meetings at the same time. In addition to our many activities we are also planning to further our work with young people and elderly residents. It is important to us that the community are involved in all we do.


Completed Extension 2021

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