SACRED stands for ‘Simply A Chapter Read Each Day’,

and that’s exactly what you do. 


One chapter of the Bible is read every day


Whenever you do begin, it will take 40 months

to cover the whole Bible! 


SACRED begins with Mark’s Gospel and ends with John’s; so it starts and finishes with the story of Jesus.


In addition, each day there’s a page of accompanying notes. These aren’t meant to be a detailed commentary, 

but are there to encourage you to keep going. So, the notes offer theological explanations for what you’ve read, connections with other parts of the Bible, stories and illustrations, as well as some life application ideas for personal reflection. 


Remember, though, the main objective is to immerse yourself in God’s word, and see what He may be saying to you through it. 



The whole church started SACRED in July 2021 and we now hold a breakfast meeting once a month to share and discuss what we have read during the month

In April 2022 we read the  first 30 chapters of Jeremiah and will complete this book in May along with reading  Psalms 37 - 40 and Colossians.


If you haven't stared yet and would like to please contact us for more information.You can join us at the book we are studying now or start at the beginning of the series if you prefer to.