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Welcome to Windmill Community Church

Our website is being updated and we are sorry that it will not be available from 13th- 17th September 

we hope you will like the new look  



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Windmill Community Church lies in the heart of Finchfield in West Wolverhampton. We seek to serve the local community and a warm and friendly welcome awaits everyone, especially if you are not attending another church.

We  meet in Church  at Oak Hill ,Finchfield at 10.30am each Sunday for our service with music and teaching. 

The sermon from our latest service is available for you to listen to on our sermons page just click here to find it 

We will also be starting our Cafe Church at 4pm on Sunday  October 8th At Henwood Road ,Compton

We  have many other activities which  take place during each week.Do drop in for a coffee and chat at our coffee hub or come along to one of our other meetings.To find out more about what is happening each day click here

Now Open-Windmill Community Church Compton - Henwood Road  

Coffee Lounge 10am -12.30pm -on Tuesdays and Saturdays 

We continue to run our regular Coffee Hub in Finchfield too

from 10.30 - 12.30 pm on Mondays,Wednedays,Thursdays and Fridays

Everyone is welcome - please come to visit us









Find out more on our Facebook page
Windmill Community Church

A place where faith grows and individuals serve.
Windmill Community Church Square Logo.png
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                                Windmill Community Church





Windmill Community Church                  Finchfield

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